Tap Water Can Become Toxic for Health

Water it is often referred to as the life saving elixir which maintains your body functions and metabolism. It acts as an energy driving force in your system and constitutes more than 70 percent of your entire system composition. Have you ever given it a thought what would happen to you if the water you are consuming is toxic? It is scary to imagine what outcomes you may have to face as a result of relying on the tap water for drinking purpose.

Tap water contains various harmful chemicals which can lead to a drastic effect on your health in the long run. Looking at some of the dreadful instances can help you realize the importance of a life saviour RO water purifier in your homes. Here are some of the points throwing light in this regard.

  • Tap Water Contains Arsenic & Lead

Tap water consists of numerous harmful chemicals including Arsenic and Lead in Maharashtra amounts. These substances act as a powerful threat to your health and life. The graphs and survey carried out on this note has made it clear that the people consuming direct tap water have found to have double the amount of lead in their body systems and are more prone to diseases.ro water purifier


  • Bacteria and Pathogens Attack

The tap water is the home of a number of bacteria like E coli and pathogenes in the form of pesticides as well which tend to develop in the walls of the pipes carrying tap water. These can cause a number of water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice and diarrhoea. Moreover, the some medical records have shown that these can even lead of miscarriage and various birth related issues.

ro water purifier

  • Mixed Pharmaceuticals

In many areas it is find that the tap water contains  the pharmaceuticals drugs ranging from Oxycodone to Tylenol. This is mainly due to the mixing of waste water from hospitals and sewage. It can lead to a number of dangerous impacts on the health of the people who are consuming such tap water.

tap-water-chemicals, ro water purifier

Ways to Resolve:

The best and the easiest remedy to all these challenges is to use an advanced water purifier like the RO water purifier in your homes where the water is filtered in seven different stages and all the harmful contaminants are eliminated in the purification processes. It gurantees the safest drinking water with minimal expense and maintainence.

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  • Being More Aware

The most important challenge which you need to overcome is to be aware. Also make people aware of the drawbacks of the toxic tap water especially in the rural areas. As a responsible individual, it is your duty also to educate the public. Spread maximum awareness so that everyone as a whole can take a step towards the intake of pure and safe drinking water by shrugging off the idea of tap water consumption.

 awarenes of the drawbacks of the toxic tap water in the rural areas, ro water purifier

Therefore, these are some of the facts and suggestions about how drinking water can make or break your life. The impacts of water you consume is enormous and thus it has be taken very seriously that the water you consume is fit in all aspects. You still can install an RO water purifier and head towards a healthy lifestyle as it’s never too late to make a positive change for yourself.



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