Non Electric Water Purifier Top Features

One of the most essential elements which play a great role in shaping your well being is the water you drink. You are always suggested and guided to consume only the safe drinking water.  Have you ever wondered why you are asked to do so? . It is because the water you intake has various impacts on your health. As well as the low or unsuitable quality of water can lead to a number of water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. These diseases are majorly common in small children as their immune systems are very vulnerable to get affected quickly.

The best way you can save yourself from all these issues is to install a water purifier in your home and religiously inculcate the habit of drinking only the purified water everytime and everywhere even when you are traveling.

There are many water purifiers available in the market which can help you out with this but mostly all of them work with electricity. If you are a resident of a place where you can’t afford the electrical supply, you can go for a non- electric water purifier as well. The features of a non electric water purifier have been listed below.


  • No Major Maintenance Required

The non-electric water purifiers work effectively without requiring much of the maintenance tasks. You don’t even need to clean them much frequently. They work without electricity, chemical or gas. You mostly won’t need to call any official or expert in case of any general issue. You can make it work the best on your own.

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  • Activated Carbon Purifier

This is one of the types of the non-electric water purifiers. It uses the activated carbon and charcoal to clean the impure water. The impurities are sseparating with the help of charcoal. It gives out filtered water which is free from any kind of bad odour and harmful chemicals. This kind requires a little cleaning from time to time.


  • UF Water Purifier

This kind of non electric water purifier use the hollow fibre threaded membrane to clean the impure water. They are specifically very good in removing the microorganisms, pathogens and bacteria but not very effective on filtering out dissolved chemicals. They have the capacity to purify even muddy water and have a long life. You don’t need to clean it on a regular basis too.

  • Available in Less Budget

The cost of non electric water purifier are way lesser than the electrical water purifiers. Therefore, if you can’t afford to have the electrical water purifiers or the electricity supply in your area is not good, you must go for a non electric water purifier and keep yourself fit and healthy.


  • Works on Muddy Water

These water purifiers can work even if the water is muddy as mostly in the village areas. The water purifiers which work on electricity faces a number of issues in such a circumstance. But the non electric water purifier are designe in a way that works perfect and fine.

  • Long Lifetime

Non electric water purifier have a long lifetime as compared to the electrical water purifiers. They work smoothly for you even for years without creating much replacement issues. Whereas if you are relying on an electrical water purifier, it will require major replacement issues of various components on a regular basis.


Therefore, you may realize that even the non electric water purifier are very useful. They serve the best purpose if you lack an eminent electrical supply in your area. You must ensure that pure water is like the elixir in your life and you must take care that the water you intake is of the best quality to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


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