So, what is Immunity in a layman’s language? Is it your inborn capability to fight against diseases? Yes, it is your resistance against disease causing bacteria or viruses.If you feels that you are more prone to falling sick then you need to increase your immunity. You just cannot keep popping pills every time you fall sick. You should better strengthen your immunity system. It should defend your body and weaken these viruses even if they enter your body.

Changing your lifestyle and dietary will definitely help you build up your immunity. You must have seen many advertisement nowadays specially during this covid era that how people are taking immunity boosters (allopathic and ayurvedic) to avoid falling sick. Even nature gives us many elements like sleep, sun and water to fight against these diseases. Plenty of clean water of course! Water forms three fourth composition of our body and plays vital role in all body functions. Taking a glass of lukewarm water with honey right in the morning after waking up helps you lose weight also.

Increase Your Immunity

One of the easiest ways to boost up your immunity is drinking 4-5 liters of pure water every day. Water automatically flushes out toxins and acid from our body and keeps us hydrated. Our cells also need oxygen to breath. So, the question arises…which form of water is pure water. And the answer is RO water. Its mechanism already filters harmful chemicals if any from plain water and offers us high quality water for safe drinking. It helps in flushing out harmful bacteria or virus from your body and your blood cells can combat any infections rapidly.

In a nut shell, sprinkle a little laughter in your daily regime, do some brisk walk or treadmill at your home, eat healthy food and nuts and drink RO water. This is the mantra for staying healthy and strong!

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