How Does Reverse Osmosis Work in RO water purifier to Purify Water

When you think of the most basic and essential amenities of life, the first thing that strike your mind is water, water which you intake everyday to keep yourself going. It is the energy driving fluid which makes you feel fit and fine at all situations. But have you ever wondered if the water which you are consuming is appropriate to drink or not. The tap water carries a number of harmful elements like impurities, pathogens, microorganisms and contaminants which leads the spread of various water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. As a solution to this, an advanced water purification system has been devised which is popularly known as the RO water purifier. The major aspects of an RO water purifier are described below.


  • Cold Water Line Valve

There is a valve in the RO water purifier through which the tap water enters the system. It is like a tube which is the source water for RO. After this stage, the process of filtration begins and water is passed on to next stages of purification.

  • Pre-filtration

There are pre filters installed in the RO system which are mainly used to do the purification at the initial levels like removing the dust and silt and fewer contaminants from the water. There are carbon and sediment filters which also removes the chlorine content form water.RO water purifier


  • Semipermeable Membrane

This is the main component of the RO system. This  membrane is designed in order to filter out all the major health related impurities. This is the specialty of an RO system which is not found in any other water purifiers. After this stage, water passes on for further level filtration.

RO water purifier


  • Seven Stages of Filtration

RO water purifier follows seven stages of filtration of the water. So you can remain assured of the quality it offers. First of all water is filters at a preliminary level. Then after passing on thorough various filtering techniques, the water which comes out.


  • Flow Restrictor

The RO system comes with a flow restrictor which manages the flow of water inside the system in a way that it generates the maximum drinking water. It controls the pressure in the inlet as per the requirement.

RO water purifier


  • SOV and Check Valve

There are safety valves in the RO purifier system which helps in its overall maintenance. An automatic shut off valve is there,which stops the water from entering the membrane ones the storage tank is full. There is another check valve which prevents the backward flow of water so that it does not rapture the RO membrane.


  • Storage Tank

RO water purifier has a storage tank which on average stores 2 to 4 gallons of water. There is bladder inside the tank which maintains the water pressure inside when the tank is full.RO water purifier


  • Draining Pipe

There is drain pipe which comes out of the RO water purifier which basically drains out the waste water containing the contaminants and impurities filted out of the system. You may utilise this water for some household cleaning chores.


Therefore, you may realize that an RO water purifier serves the best in terms of providing good and safe drinking water than a general water purifier. It is your responsibility as a concerned individual to take steps towards your own health. Install the right water purifier in your homes or else you become a victim of many unwanted situations. The RO service in Noida provide with the best RO related facilities and services on a good scale.


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