We are the residents of the modern world where everyone is aware and updated about the essential life determining things. One of those which impacts our life in a large scale is the safe drinking water. The tap water which many of the masses are still consuming is not at all safe and leading to a number of water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. However, the mystery lies in the fact that even though many people have installed the water purifiers at their places, yet are suffering through various health hazards. It is indeed surprising but there can be reasons like storage contamination which can lead to further issues inspite of using a water purifier. Here are some of the important aspects to emphasise on.

  • Use RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier uses the advanced techniques of water purification in seven stages and ensures the storage recontamination of water. RO water doesn’t doesn’t get contaminated even after a number of days. However the water from other filters may develop pathogens and bacteria if kept for long and become unfit for consumption.

  • Keep the Maintenance Upright

There are times when the water purifier will require changes of a few components or just a clean up. In normal water purifiers, many a times the internal devices become tarnished and needs to be replaced. RO water purifier is best to use as it has awesome services which come on regular basis ensuring storage recontamination.

  • Check on TDS

The best way to check if storage recontamination is occurring or not is to keep an eye on the TDS level of the filtered water. Generally if the water stored is getting contaminated again, it’s TDS levels are supposed to increase. The general water purifiers mostly experience such issues where the water becomes unfit for intaking and later on create serious health related hazards. RO water purifier ensures that water is still safe for consumption even after being stored in the same tank and the TDS levels come upright i.e. there is no change in the TDS even after a long term storage.

  • Check on Taste

If the water is stored for a very long time in the normal water purifiers, it is generally seen that there is different smell and taste which is generated in it. Such is a sign of the storage contamination. Therefore, it is always suggested as the best alternative to use an RO water purifier as it offers the best quality of water ensuing storage recontamination to a great scale.


Therefore, it can be very well realised that using a water purifier is not enough. We need to ensure that it offers the best and trustable quality so that we can be remain assured of our good health and life. RO water purifier takes care of the limitations experienced in other water purifiers. RO SERVICE N NOIDA offers the best of services related to the RO water purifier systems including the maintenance facilities. We must make appropriate use of the facilities rendered to us and head towards a healthy lifestyle keeping the knowledge entact and devising ways to adorn our well being.


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