RO Water purification is the most advanced purification processes have ever seen. This refining technology can effectively destroy the salts and chemicals from the drinking water. These impure contaminants are very dangerous for our health if we had. But we all have known that a large number of water discharges/drained out during RO water purification.

Why so much water is wasted? Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers use membrane technology to filter dissolved impure contaminants, the impure water is filtered out and if often called wastewater. An average RO purifier wastes 3 litres of water for every one litre of refined water. This means that only 25% of water is purified and 75% of water comes out as waste. The wastewater may vary as per the RO purifier using.

Our life depends on water. Are you worried about the utilization of water in your Home, Office, Industries and etc, It is necessary to take steps, which will help to conserve the wastewater from purifiers. This wastewater can be used by utilizing it in different household purposes.

Use it in household chores 

Mix the RO impure water with fresh water and use it for floor mopping. Ensure the water carefully before using it on the floor, because high TDS content can lead to some salt deposits. You can also use this wasted water to the sink with soiled utensils so that this contaminated water help to get easily remove the burned stains over the utensils during washing. However, use this water for only the washing purpose of removing hard stains, but the washing of utensils must be done with fresh water only. Because our health is more important than wastewater utilization. You can also check the TDS level in water at home.

Watering Plants

Sure, you can use RO waste water for watering your plants or home garden. If you are interested in gardening or pot planting, this is the right way to utilize your RO rejected water, which helps to keep your terrace or indoor garden green. This method is particularly suitable for the people living in urban areas as the TDS content in the corporate water tends to be lower than the rural areas.

Washing Car

A single car washing costs you high. So here is a better tip to wash car your own and utilize your 25% wasted water at the same time. Car washing could consume between 15 litres of bucket water to 75 litres of hose pipe water. Keeping it in mind that the scarcity of drinking water may occur when using the drinkable water for car washing and it should be unreasonable and equal to a crime. So using the impure water for clean your car will save a lot of potable water.

Flushing Toilets

Another suitable source of saving wasted water in modern homes is the use of toilet flush. Each flush sends approximately 4 to 6 litres of drinkable water down to the drain. RO waste water can be used to avoid this much of potable water by replacing effectively use it to flush toilets, faucets and bathroom fixtures. Also, mix it with fresh water to avoid discolouration and deposition of salt on your seats and other settings.

Boiling Eggs

Boiling eggs using the RO rejected water is an acceptable idea. But, make sure to use the fresh eggs, which don’t break, and the shell of the eggs doesn’t come into the contact with water while boiling.

Cleaning Sewage Pipes

You can sure to use this RO waste water for cleanup of sewage pipe at home, industry and etc. Since the impure water has a high saline level, so it is eligible to clean the grime and muck right away. Regarding any query, contact RO Service Noida.

Using these simple tips, we can actually utilize water a lot. Because everyone knows that there is a scarcity of water across the world, so we should adopt such ideas in our daily routine to conserve water. Keep in mind that every drop counts are precious.


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