We all have our RO water purifier at home to have safe and healthy drinking water. Our water purifier play a very important role in keeping us healthy and protect us from toxic water. It is an essential part of our life, so how can we forget to keep it maintained?

As any other thing other water purifier also need some servicing and maintenance how to keep your water purifier in good condition. A healthy and safe water is compulsory for our body and for this we need to take a good care of our water purifiers so, it offers pure water. Many people don’t even know why and how to maintain their water purifier?

 Hair I’m gonna share you few tips for effective maintenance of RO water purifiers.

  1. Cleaning the filters of RO system filter are the most basic and important part of our system.

It removes all the dirt, bacteria’s, chemical, solid elements, dissolved Salts and other toxic particles to serve us clean and safe drinking water. So that’s why it needs regular cleaning. Some filters needs to replaced after a period of time and this RO filters get changed by the technicians so, you should get your water purifier serviced.

Replace your RO membranes at time.

RO membranes help to reduce the TDS of our water. When water is passed through the membrane, it collects all the solid elements dissolved dust and other harmful particles to serve us pure and disinfected water. After a period of time membranes get blocked by the dust and other solid particles, So it must be replaced to avoid issues as foul taste of water.

Don’t ignore small leakage.

Drips or leakages should be fixed at the right time, so it didn’t harm other units of your RO system because moisture can damage the body of your water purifier. Now don’t ignore this small issue of leakage as it can lesser the life of your RO system.

keep your RO tank clean.

We change and clean our RO filters, membranes and other parts after a period of time but we always forget to clean the RO tank, that’s so important to keep away from health risks. Cleaning the tank may increase the life of RO filters and its membrane.

Do you know about softeners.

Installer softeners to extend the efficiency of your RO water purifier. We all know that calcium and magnesium like substance is are very hard for membrane to remove from water . So let’s make it easy by using softeners to increase the efficiency half membrane and have more sterilized water.

Regular service of RO.

If you want a regular supply of pure water, you shouldn’t forget to get your Arrow service at scheduled time. When your RO system is on guarantee period the company provides service to repair and maintenance for your RO system time to time. So don’t forget to get-service pure RO water purifier before after every few month.

So these are some top effective and easy tips to get your RO water purifier problem free and maintained. I hope you liked it.


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